Wednesday, November 23, 2011

World’s highest peaks height grown by 90 cm.

The World Highest peak’s height has been assumed to have grown 90 cm states a new geoid survey. Preliminary results of an ongoing survey show the new height of Mt Everest to be approximately 8,848.9 metres in World Height System, which is 90 cm more than the current official value of Nepal. The margin of error is about 10 cm. The final results of the survey, being jointly undertaken by the National Space Institute (DTU) of Denmark and the Department of Survey, Nepal are yet to be calculated. The geoid of Nepal was measured through an airborne gravity survey in December last year. Earlier, a survey team led by Y Chen of China in 2005 had put the snow height at 8,847.93 metres whereas the National Geographic Society survey of 1999 had pegged the height at 8,850 metres, some seven feet higher than previously thought. Scientists used Global Positioning System satellite equipment carried to the summit by two Sherpas on May 5 of that year to calculate the height.

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