Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Extraterrestrial or not: UFO Sighting or not

KATHMANDU, NEPAL, FEB 07: It was a mid day sun and something very unusual was witness in the sky of Kathmandu at 1400hrs. Unexplainable but yet very extraordinary that made people rethink about what it was? A thin layer of smoke or cloud that stretched in the atmosphere made people watch for hours. It seemed as if something had cruised in the skyline, crossing the horizon marking its presence. What it was or what it can be is a question to all? May be it was a UFO? May be a rocket from NASA? We all fail to recognize but it happened in seconds and no one had an answer. One of the spectator who clicked the picture Salman Gurung says, “It happened in seconds and it was there as if something zoomed in. We were shocked and astonished. After seeing this I took out my mobile phone and clicked these picture it was really amazing.”

Was it a UFO or was it just a normal phenomenon is just what we all could not understand but it happened in seconds and its existence lasted for hours. Amazing yet scary, Nepal is establish as a popular holiday destination now with such sighting it will be another UFO destination.