Thursday, June 11, 2009


Located on the top of the hill with watching eyes of Buddha, Swayambhu is believed to have self originated or created centauries ago. According to the legends of Manjushree, it’s said that the whole valley was covered under waters of a vast lake in a territory that was once home to nagas. Manjushree arrived here and with his sword drain the lake that once filled the Valley, and miraculous a lotus flower originated. The people then cam in and resided in the valley, which was later, called Kathmandu Valley.
The lotus, was known as the impart enlightenment to the worshipers, many saints, pilgrims, divinities who traveled from far places. The lotus was converted into a hill and the Swayambhu temple lies on top of the hill. The light, which the flower radiated, became the Swayambhu Stupa.
The Swayambhu welcomes you with its 365 stairs leading up to the temple. With big colorful Buddha statues and large wheels of prayers highlights the richness of its tradition. Welcoming all, a statue of Lord Buddha, a vajra and two lion statues placed at the very front of the towering Stupa.
The Stupa has four sides and on each of the sides, a pair of eyes has been carved which symbolizes the eyes of Lord Buddha watching and evaluating the karmas of the people. In place of the nose, number 1 in Nepali language has been marked. Another popular name of the Swayambhu Stupa is Monkey Temple.

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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